Jamie and Susan at falls, near Snoqualmie, WA

Jamie Kirkpatrick
11917 Coal Creek Heights Drive
Golden, CO 80403

Excerpt from a solo show at the Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC, January 12-February 25, 2001

"Past and Present"

An Exhibition by Jamie Kirkpatrick

Jamie Kirkpatrick graduated with a Master of Science degree in Geology in 1994 from East Carolina University, and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from East Carolina University in 2000. Kirkpatrick currently resides in the Golden, CO where he is working as a studio potter and instructor.

Historical references establish the foundation of my work. It is this rich inspirational history and investigation that allows me to continue to enjoy the creative process. I am inspired by both traditional and contemporary trends in ceramics. My former educational interest and research in geology often combines with these influential trends to achieve a finished product. As an instructor, the lessons learned from former professors as well as personal developments in teaching have become the foundation for my instruction to others. It is my belief that this knowledge needs to be passed on to maintain the strength and recognition of the ceramic arts.

-Jamie Kirkpatrick

Pottery Northwest (right half of facade)

Susan and I moved from Greenbelt, MD to Seattle,WA in 2007. I was a 2-year artist in residence at Pottery Northwest in Seattle. I had the honor to work with some very fine resident artisans as well as exposure to inspirational students during my 2-years of teaching at the center. We both miss Seattle, but are now located (moved Oct.'09) in the beautiful "foothills" of Colorado at 8600' elevation. We will see how the wood kiln will fire. I will probably have an oxygen tank for the kiln, and one for myself. I have just broken ground on the site for the new kiln. It will be a two-chambered "hillclimber" with a Bourry-style firebox. You can see the progress of the construction on my "Kiln Photos" page.

First arrival...3' deep

snow folds on the balcony

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